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  • What is OneExtraLap?

    OneExtraLap is a fun but competitive community that gives you a whole new social quizzing experience. You can take content-rich, meaningful quizzes that are made by your friends, or you can share some of your wisdom by creating quizzes as well. Plus, all activities are incorporated into cool game mechanics, such as points and badges. The more you do, the more you earn! And it is addictive!

    "Wanna get social with your friends? Start quizzing your friends! "

    The Guy Behind It

    OneExtraLap is lovingly made by a young web developer Stephen Ou (me) who is thrilled with the power of technology.

    I wrote every line of code and cracked up every colorful pixel of OneExtraLap.

    Feel free to email me or find me on Twitter if you have any feedback, questions, bug reports, etc.

    Love Us? Spread The Word

    As you know, OneExtraLap is developed, designed, and supported by one single individual, I simply don't have enough time and resources to run a million-dollar marketing campaign. If you love OneExtraLap, simply spread the word out on Facebook or Twitter! Your friends and I will both appreciate your kindness!

    Especially you bloggers, you've got a great site to write about. Time to go to the WP admin. :)