• How are points being counted? Is there a secret formula?

    You get 1 point for each question you answered correctly, 2 points for each question you created, and you also get points for earning badges. The point value for each badge is different, so check individual badge page (example) for details.

    How do I earn badges though?

    You need to complete a certain task (or a combination of tasks) in order to earn a badge. Some are easy, some are hard. If you complete the hard ones, you'll get a lot of points.

    How do I get on top of the leaderboard?

    Earn points! That means use all the knowledge in your smart brain to take and create as much quizzes as you can.

    Why are there question and answer limits when creating quizzes?

    I limit question amount to 9 per quiz to prevent spam, because you obviously don't want to see someone getting 20000 points for creating 10000 questions in a quiz.

    And I limit answer amount to 9 per question because any number above 9 will make the question too difficult to answer, you don't want to see that as well.

    Do I have to connect with my Twitter account?

    I am not requiring you to, but it is encouraged. After the authentication, it's much easier to follow friends from Twitter. If you don't have a Twitter account, obviously I'm not forcing you to make one.

    If you haven't connect yet, click here.

    Will there be an API? An iPhone app? An iPad app? An Android App?

    I know, they're very useful. But I can't make 100% promise right now that it'll be coming. I'll accommodate based on the actual needs for our users.

    Who made this?

    15-year-old web developer Stephen Ou.

    Got a question that wasn't answered here?

    Just hit me up with an email and I'll be happy to help you.