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    • @itssstoriii
      Bio: hey there :) im victoria but u can call me tori :) i have a dad(haha insider) his name is @warriordog1011 haha go follow him lol
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    • @grantbell
      Bio: Founder at RunWay Labs & Tomorrow's Web. Also CEO at SwipeShare. I'd like to do a great work.
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    • @WezPyke
      Bio: I love developing websites and applications. Love Macs. Love meeting new people. Love CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, Python and Obj-c/Cocoa. LFC supporter
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    • @laptopmemostef
      Bio: 13-Year-Old founder of tech site @LaptopMemo. Student, Gadget Blogger, Entrepreneur.
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    • Pat
      Bio: Founder, AddToAny - helping people share, save and subscribe since 2005.
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    • @mikeisonthenets
      Bio: Adman, aspiring voice actor, surfer of the internets. Lover of games, gadgets, movies, social media, communication, his girl, his cat, San Fran & naps.
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    • @powdahound
      Bio: Skier, programmer, co-founder of HipChat.com
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