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      Bio: New to this.
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    • @rjamestaylor
      Bio: Linux Senior Systems Engineer at Rackspace. Burned out web app developer [mod-perl, mysql, php, java] GVoice: (210) 62TWEET
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    • @markbao
      Bio: High school senior (17y), entrepreneur, CEO of Avecora, founder of Ramamia, TickrTalk, Classleaf, Adaptance, Atomplan, Ramamia Foundation. nonprofit advocate.
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      Bio: Happy social quizzing everyone! (Founded by @stephenou)
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      Bio: Mac & iPhone developer, Editor of MacMegasite. Developer of Removr iPhone app. CTO of Teens in Tech Networks. Liberal Democrat.
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      Bio: I made OneExtraLap.
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      Bio: 17 year-old entrepreneur. Founder & Chairman of Teens in Tech Networks, and Special Projects Team Lead at Qik.
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      Bio: 16 year-old entrepreneur. CEO of Teens in Tech Networks, Founder of Twitloc and several other things. I like to make cool stuff. :)
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