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      Bio: Changing the world, one line of code at a time. Creating amazing iOS apps for JMC App Company.
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    • @AlbertoElias
      Bio: I'm a 15 year old entrepeneur and developer. I like developing for the web and for Android. Organizer of Murcia GTUG and starting many other projects.
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      Bio: Student by Day, Blogger by Night. Founder of @BlogPressive and writes for @Dromble.
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      Bio: family + relax + design..! Update: green beer!! :P work: todo sobre web 2.0 CSS3, HTML5, graphic design, geek devices, ere erea..!
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    • @tylerplack
      Bio: I have ideas. I make those ideas happen. Bam! You've got an Alexa top 100 website!
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    • @mukoshy
      Bio: 20yr old web developer and entrepreneur in the making. Founder, yarnable.com
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