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    • Omi
      Bio: I love my mac, my camera, my music, and I love you :3 16 years of age, and still kicking.
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    • @laptopmemostef
      Bio: 13-Year-Old founder of tech site @LaptopMemo. Student, Gadget Blogger, Entrepreneur.
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    • Jid
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    • @ebygum
      Bio: I design things.
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    • @ChrisYs
      Bio: Male Programmer: .Net, ACG ,CSI, Firefox, Google, iPod Nano, JS, MBP, PHP, PSP, VIM, Win7
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    • @minimalisticx
      Bio: I'm Daniel and im 20. That is all.
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    • @WezPyke
      Bio: I love developing websites and applications. Love Macs. Love meeting new people. Love CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, Python and Obj-c/Cocoa. LFC supporter
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    • @MattCheetham
      Bio: 18 | Hyperconnected | White 16GB iPhone 3GS user/lover | Lives in Rotherham, UK, Earth | Student | Wont be offended if you unfollow after trying me!
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    • @teenbizcoach
      Bio: Thought leader on teens and entrepreneurship. National TV Business Commentator and Online Writer for PBS Nightly Business Report. Co-Creator of North America's First Authorized Cisco Entrepreneur Institute.
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    • @tylerplack
      Bio: I have ideas. I make those ideas happen. Bam! You've got an Alexa top 100 website!
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