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    • @dperiss
      Bio: Information Technology & Business Consultant. BPM/CRM/ERP. University Professor. http://www.daphouse.blogspot.com.
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    • @craigt44
      Bio: Dad of 2, husband, product compliance specialist, technology lover, F1 fan, in need of an iPad.
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    • @chriso
      Bio: Chris is a Web Entrepreneur, Technology Enthusiast, Hardcore Gamer, Honors Student, and Active Athlete. He also has a strong passion for music.
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    • @andmurphoto
      Bio: Photography, Media & Social Networking, Graphic/Web Design, Technology/Gadgets and Geek Stuff.
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    • @HunterClarke
      Bio: Runner, technology lover, student somewhere in between.
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    • @hunter
      Bio: 18-year-old Director of Business Development at MyTechQuestion.com. Passions: technology, industrial design, business, traveling, water aficionado.
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