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  • The West Wing (TV Show)

    Created By Spencer Schoeben | 8 Questions | Average Grade: 67% | 6 People Took It

    Name of the president?

    Name of the White House Chief of Staff?

    The president is a...?

    The show ran from...?

    Jed Bartlett is played by?

    And 3 more!
    13 years ago
  • United States Presidents

    Created By Spencer Schoeben | 7 Questions | Average Grade: 57% | 16 People Took It

    Who was Abraham Lincoln's 1st VP?

    Which president loved peanuts?

    George Bush's initial election faced controversy…?

    Who was Millard Fillmore's VP?

    Abraham Lincoln and Barrack Obama were both from…?

    And 2 more!
    13 years ago