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      Bio: New Type, 222E44EB, VC, M&A, Ecosystem, Social Media/Games, In-Game Advertising, Real Money Transaction, Micro Transaction, Online/Mobile/Web/Console/Board Game
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    • @andrew
      Bio: 16 Year old Music Entrepreneur. From the United Kingdom.
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      Bio: I'm not the president of India, neither am I from India. I used to be human. Hit me back with a mention to get my attention. That rhymed so I'm a poet.
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      Bio: Student
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      Bio: Running, School, Sleeping, Eating.
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      Bio: I made OneExtraLap.
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      Bio: 16 year-old entrepreneur. CEO of Teens in Tech Networks, Founder of Twitloc and several other things. I like to make cool stuff. :)
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