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    • @neneguer
      Bio: family + relax + design..! Update: green beer!! :P work: todo sobre web 2.0 CSS3, HTML5, graphic design, geek devices, ere erea..!
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    • @mukoshy
      Bio: 20yr old web developer and entrepreneur in the making. Founder, yarnable.com
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    • @leydon
      Bio: Creative Digital Media Artist, founder of TinyGrab and Managing Director of Vueo Ltd. 20 years young.
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    • @andmurphoto
      Bio: Photography, Media & Social Networking, Graphic/Web Design, Technology/Gadgets and Geek Stuff.
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    • @Tejoviteri
      Bio: Aficionado a la lectura, navegar por Internet, escuchar música, viajar, bailar.
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    • @chriso
      Bio: Chris is a Web Entrepreneur, Technology Enthusiast, Hardcore Gamer, Honors Student, and Active Athlete. He also has a strong passion for music.
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    • @cameronrawson
      Bio: 17 year-old student. Founder & Editor at TechLeash and one part of DNRadio.
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    • @beshrkayali
      Bio: A Python/Django/Web-Design enthusiast, Podcaster, Philosophy student. Freelancer.
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    • @pleonex
      Bio: Me aplico: Geek yourself!
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    • @Artangelus
      Bio: Run Software Test Lab, PCI, TMMi, ISO27000, working Artist, Atheist, Audiophile and walking contradiction
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