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    • @nickhiebert
      Bio: Web Developer. Technical Thinker & Problem Solver. Aspired learner and all things digital. Learning React. Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada
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    • @jack
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    • @Angelia2041
      Bio: @Angelia2041 @Glocal2041 http://www.google.com/profiles/Angelia2041 http://about.me/angelia2041 Open Mind, Open World. Real World
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    • @charleszink
      Bio: Changing the world, one line of code at a time. Creating amazing iOS apps for JMC App Company.
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    • @AlbertoElias
      Bio: I'm a 15 year old entrepeneur and developer. I like developing for the web and for Android. Organizer of Murcia GTUG and starting many other projects.
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    • @bunturedempter
      Bio: Buntu Redempter is a 18-year-old Founder/CEO and Innovator entrepreneur.
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    • @jonnyrowntree
      Bio: Student by Day, Blogger by Night. Founder of @BlogPressive and writes for @Dromble.
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    • @grantmead
      Bio: Major in Social Media Marketing,Web Design..pretty much anything that has to do with the web.
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