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  • HipChat

    Created By Garret Heaton | 5 Questions | Average Grade: 60% | 5 People Took It

    The HipChat desktop client runs on which operating…?

    Which of the following is a 'hidden' emoticon…?

    How many users does the largest 'Ultimate' plan…?

    HipChat started as a?

    For whom is HipChat free?

    9 years ago
  • The Official Teens in Tech Quiz

    Created By Spencer Schoeben | 7 Questions | Average Grade: 69% | 21 People Took It

    When did the Teens in Tech blog launch?

    Who is the CEO?

    Where is the Teens in Tech miniConference? (9/11/10)?

    Where are the Teens in Tech offices?

    When is the Teens in Tech podcast recorded?

    And 2 more!
    9 years ago
  • HP resignation

    Created By Stephen Ou | 3 Questions | Average Grade: 69% | 12 People Took It

    Who just stepped down from HP's CEO position?

    What is the main cause of this resignation?

    How long has Cathie Lesjak stayed in HP before…?

    9 years ago