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  • YouTube

    Created By Samuel Dinnadge | 3 Questions | Average Grade: 62% | 7 People Took It

    What is the upload limit for YouTube? (Non-Partners)?

    Who own's YouTube?

    What is the Alexa Rank for YouTube? (July 2010)?

    11 years ago
  • HTC Corporation

    Created By caroline doree | 7 Questions | Average Grade: 57% | 8 People Took It

    What does HTC stand for?

    Who founded HTC?

    What year was HTC founded?

    Who is HTC working with to develop phones using…?

    Where is the HTC HQ?

    And 2 more!
    12 years ago
  • Ultimate Tech Quiz

    Created By Gary | 9 Questions | Average Grade: 80% | 33 People Took It

    When was Steve Jobs fired by Apple?

    When did the ipod come out?

    Who's the man behind Linux?

    Who was the man behind the World Wide Web?

    Which Technology Blog leaked the iPhone 4?

    And 4 more!
    12 years ago