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  • Apple

    Created By damacnut | 3 Questions | Average Grade: 100% | 2 People Took It

    When will Verizon get the new iPhone?

    When will the white iPhone come out?

    What will the next iPhone be called?

    11 years ago
  • Ultimate Tech Quiz

    Created By Gary | 9 Questions | Average Grade: 80% | 33 People Took It

    When was Steve Jobs fired by Apple?

    When did the ipod come out?

    Who's the man behind Linux?

    Who was the man behind the World Wide Web?

    Which Technology Blog leaked the iPhone 4?

    And 4 more!
    11 years ago
  • iPhone 4 in Canada

    Created By Chris Thomson | 8 Questions | Average Grade: 44% | 8 People Took It

    Which of the following is not one of the 'big…?

    How much does a fully unlocked iPhone 4 retail…?

    How much does a subsidized iPhone 4 retail for…?

    How much does tethering cost per month?

    Which two independently-owned carriers share…?

    And 3 more!
    11 years ago
  • iPhone 4

    Created By Andrew Murray | 7 Questions | Average Grade: 83% | 45 People Took It

    What material has been used on the front and…?

    Which definition best fits the 'Retina Display'?

    What is the name of the iPhone/iPod Touch software?

    At which resolution does the rear-facing camera…?

    What is FaceTime?

    And 2 more!
    11 years ago
  • iPad trivia

    Created By qwertywelch | 5 Questions | Average Grade: 88% | 35 People Took It

    The iPad was speculated about for many years…?

    The iPad runs the same operating system as...?

    The cheapest iPad is...?

    CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER The iPad was officially…?

    Can the iPad 3G use my current iPhone AT&T…?

    11 years ago
  • iPhone 4

    Created By Stephen Ou | 3 Questions | Average Grade: 78% | 37 People Took It

    What is the name of the engineer that lost the…?

    Who initially wrote the Gizmodo post?

    How much did Gizmodo pay for the prototype?

    12 years ago