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  • Social Networking Cyber Safety

    Created By Daniellefs | 6 Questions | Average Grade: 81% | 13 People Took It

    You visit a friends page and see threatening…?

    A boy online asks you out, and tellls you to…?

    you get an foward with a picture of a friend…?

    you get an email with an inappropriate picture…?

    a person onine ffriends you saying that their…?

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    12 years ago
  • Social Networking-Cyber Safety

    Created By FrancescaM | 6 Questions | Average Grade: 92% | 10 People Took It

    Will you tell a stranger you met online your…?

    If an online froend asks you to come over and…?

    Should you give your online friend your last…?

    Should you talk to someone who does not know…?

    If someone asks you to post pictures of yourself…?

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    12 years ago
  • Social Networking Cybersafety

    Created By JohnLukeH | 3 Questions | Average Grade: 89% | 6 People Took It

    Should u give your phone # to someone online?

    Should u send pictures to someone u dont know?

    Is it ok to talk to new kids from school online?

    12 years ago