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    • @charleszink
      Bio: Changing the world, one line of code at a time. Creating amazing iOS apps for JMC App Company.
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    • @chriso
      Bio: Chris is a Web Entrepreneur, Technology Enthusiast, Hardcore Gamer, Honors Student, and Active Athlete. He also has a strong passion for music.
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    • @thenerdtv
      Bio: Web & Mobile Application developer in Redding, California. Webcast broadcaster, and video producer.
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    • @jackdefuria
      Bio: New to this.
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    • @andrew
      Bio: 16 Year old Music Entrepreneur. From the United Kingdom.
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    • @Rebecca
      Bio: Authorpreneur, Most Powerful Women on Twitter (TwitterGrader). Klout UK Top 100. Shorty Awards Finalist, won Ms Twitter UK. The pen is mightier than the pin-up!
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    • @phil
      Bio: I am an entrepreneur and web designer.
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    • @Anatolie
      Bio: I'm Anatolie. Owner of CitronTech.TV - Oh, and I love tech!
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    • @netspencer
      Bio: 16 year-old entrepreneur. CEO of Teens in Tech Networks, Founder of Twitloc and several other things. I like to make cool stuff. :)
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