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    • @andmurphoto
      Bio: Photography, Media & Social Networking, Graphic/Web Design, Technology/Gadgets and Geek Stuff.
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    • @phil
      Bio: I am an entrepreneur and web designer.
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    • @markbao
      Bio: High school senior (17y), entrepreneur, CEO of Avecora, founder of Ramamia, TickrTalk, Classleaf, Adaptance, Atomplan, Ramamia Foundation. nonprofit advocate.
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    • @christian
      Bio: CEO of internet ad network Branchr and indie Mac software developer.
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      Bio: 16 Year old Music Entrepreneur. From the United Kingdom.
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    • @AndrewBrackin
      Bio: Internet radio/social media entrepreneur and avid tweeter!
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    • @tylerplack
      Bio: I have ideas. I make those ideas happen. Bam! You've got an Alexa top 100 website!
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      Bio: Happy social quizzing everyone! (Founded by @stephenou)
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      Bio: I'm not the president of India, neither am I from India. I used to be human. Hit me back with a mention to get my attention. That rhymed so I'm a poet.
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