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      Bio: New Type, 222E44EB, VC, M&A, Ecosystem, Social Media/Games, In-Game Advertising, Real Money Transaction, Micro Transaction, Online/Mobile/Web/Console/Board Game
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    • @andrew
      Bio: 16 Year old Music Entrepreneur. From the United Kingdom.
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    • @philipe
      Bio: ☞ Designer and Programmer of loqize.me ☞ Student at ETH Zürich (Mechanical Engineering)
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    • @Rebecca
      Bio: Authorpreneur, Most Powerful Women on Twitter (TwitterGrader). Klout UK Top 100. Shorty Awards Finalist, won Ms Twitter UK. The pen is mightier than the pin-up!
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    • @tylerplack
      Bio: I have ideas. I make those ideas happen. Bam! You've got an Alexa top 100 website!
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    • @jamesrwhite
      Bio: 18 year old student interested in Web Design and Development, Football, Tennis, Games and Music.
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      Bio: Gamer (PC & PSP), tech enthusiast , Linux user, teen blogger and anime lover.
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    • @danielbru
      Bio: 17 year-old entrepreneur. Founder & Chairman of Teens in Tech Networks, and Special Projects Team Lead at Qik.
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