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  • Samsung Captivate

    Created By Brian G | 6 Questions | Average Grade: 50% | 3 People Took It

    What carrier is it on?

    How big is the screen?

    What kind of screen does it use?

    What kind of processor does it use?

    What operating system does it run?

    And 1 more!
    13 years ago
  • Blackberry Torch

    Created By Brian G | 9 Questions | Average Grade: 78% | 4 People Took It

    When was the Blackberry Torch announced?

    When is it available for purchase?

    What carrier is it exclusive to in the US?

    What is number is it?

    What is the screen size?

    And 4 more!
    13 years ago
  • Android (Mobile OS)

    Created By Andrew Murray | 4 Questions | Average Grade: 58% | 39 People Took It

    Which organisation bought Android Inc. in November…?

    When was Android initially released?

    Where was Android Inc. originally based?

    What is the name of the custom Typeface used…?

    13 years ago