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  • Oscar nominations 2011

    Created By Nummie | 9 Questions | Average Grade: 50% | 2 People Took It

    A documentary about water polution?

    Not based on a true story?

    Oscarless Tim Burton directed this movie?

    Starring Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn?

    Animation movie with almost no dialogues?

    And 4 more!
    12 years ago
  • Ultimate Tech Quiz

    Created By Gary | 9 Questions | Average Grade: 80% | 33 People Took It

    When was Steve Jobs fired by Apple?

    When did the ipod come out?

    Who's the man behind Linux?

    Who was the man behind the World Wide Web?

    Which Technology Blog leaked the iPhone 4?

    And 4 more!
    12 years ago
  • The Super Macbook Quiz

    Created By Andrew Brackin | 9 Questions | Average Grade: 83% | 19 People Took It

    What did the original Macbook replace?

    The Macbook and MBP's outer shell is referred…?

    The first standard Unibody MacBook's were made…?

    The first standard MacBook's were made of...?

    You may use gestures called...?

    And 4 more!
    12 years ago
  • Finish the Indie band name.

    Created By Andrew Brackin | 7 Questions | Average Grade: 78% | 9 People Took It

    Two Door...?



    The Temper...?


    And 2 more!
    12 years ago
  • Tornado Quiz

    Created By Austin Mullen | 4 Questions | Average Grade: 57% | 17 People Took It

    In what type of storm does a tornado 95% of the…?

    When can a tornado form?

    On radar, what can indicate a tornado?

    What is a tornado?

    13 years ago
  • OneExtraLap

    Created By J-P Teti | 4 Questions | Average Grade: 84% | 25 People Took It

    Who started OneExtraLap?

    Who created this quiz?

    Is OneExtraLap awesome?

    Did I accidentally create this stupid extra question?

    13 years ago