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  • HipChat

    Created By Garret Heaton | 5 Questions | Average Grade: 60% | 5 People Took It

    The HipChat desktop client runs on which operating…?

    Which of the following is a 'hidden' emoticon…?

    How many users does the largest 'Ultimate' plan…?

    HipChat started as a?

    For whom is HipChat free?

    12 years ago
  • Tumblr

    Created By Mitchell | 7 Questions | Average Grade: 57% | 8 People Took It

    Who is the founder of Tumblr?

    What year was Tumblr founded?

    How many people does Tumblr currently employ?

    What is the name of the only female Tumblr employee?

    Tumblr shares two lead investors with...?

    And 2 more!
    12 years ago
  • Square!

    Created By Stephen Ou | 6 Questions | Average Grade: 63% | 20 People Took It

    Who founded Square?

    Who is not a Square investor?

    How much is the Square iPhone/iPad app?

    What is the URL of the Square website?

    What is the card-present (swiped) rate?

    And 1 more!
    12 years ago
  • Web Product Development Platforms

    Created By Spencer Schoeben | 4 Questions | Average Grade: 50% | 20 People Took It

    What framework is OneExtraLap built on?

    What language is Twitter written in?

    What framework is Plancast built on?

    Which Javascript framework does Twitter use?

    12 years ago