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  • Ultimate Tech Quiz

    Created By Gary | 9 Questions | Average Grade: 80% | 33 People Took It

    When was Steve Jobs fired by Apple?

    When did the ipod come out?

    Who's the man behind Linux?

    Who was the man behind the World Wide Web?

    Which Technology Blog leaked the iPhone 4?

    And 4 more!
    11 years ago
  • Twitter Quiz

    Created By Andrew Brackin | 5 Questions | Average Grade: 69% | 32 People Took It

    Which of these tweets is not a valid way to quote…?

    Which of these is not a twitter client?

    The front page of twitter shows popular tweets…?

    Twitter asks...?

    You can organise users by...?

    12 years ago
  • Twitter

    Created By Rebecca Woodhead | 7 Questions | Average Grade: 82% | 24 People Took It

    Twitter is commonly represented by:?

    Mashable is...?

    Stephen Fry has a Twitter pub. It is called...?

    Quoting people on Twitter is called...?

    If you follow someone on Twitter it means...?

    And 2 more!
    12 years ago
  • Tornado Quiz

    Created By Austin Mullen | 4 Questions | Average Grade: 57% | 17 People Took It

    In what type of storm does a tornado 95% of the…?

    When can a tornado form?

    On radar, what can indicate a tornado?

    What is a tornado?

    12 years ago